Dutch Girl Cleaners is a premier dry cleaner and launderer in Walnut Creek, California.

Wearing clean and pressed clothes is a simple pleasure in life — affecting how others perceive us at home, the office and in public.

In 2014, as California’s record drought increased, water restrictions became a reality and Dutch Girl Cleaners had a problem. They had to decrease the amount of water they consumed while maintaining the quality of their client’s laundry.

“Dutch Girl” turned to zNano to install an Advanced Water Recycling System which takes greywater and restores it to be cleaner than tap water. This restored water can then be used in the wash.

zNano’s plant made Dutch Girl resilient to the drought; they maintained their quality despite having less available water.

As Steven Depper, President of Dutch Girl, said: “Using the zNano water recycling system shows our long-standing concern for the environment and supports the community’s desire to use businesses that reflect their values.”