Concord Enviro is dedicated to pure water — from any source — making existing process more efficient and sustainable. They have more than two decades of experience in filtering the world’s most “difficult-to-handle waste water streams.” These process include “distilleries, textiles, tanning, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and more.”

The result? 80 million gallons per day of water is recycled by their plants around the world. They “combine innovative process engineering strategies with synergistic technologies to provide the most systematic and cost-effective systems to our valued customers based on their needs.”

To keep with their “drive to incorporate next-gen technologies,” Concord Enviro sought out zNano’s bioinspired coatings.

Working together, zNano and Concord Enviro discovered that zNano’s bioinspired coating solves a critical problem with TFC nanofiltration membranes used in the treatment of textile wastewater.

Because membranes used for the treatment of textile wastewater have a decreased life, zNano used a natively cationic coating to repel the cationic surfactants in the wastewater.

The result? On average, zNano coating improved the flux of the base membrane by a factor of 4.1x. As of early 2018, zNano has delivered >10,000 sq meters of flat sheet material to Concord Enviro.