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By restoring water through bioinspired technology.

Our premium bioinspired nanoceramic specialty membranes for varying wastewater challenges enable and improve separations.

Less Fouling, Higher Permeability, Fewer Chemicals, Multiple Applications, Better Value

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zUF50 Membranes (4” and 8” elements)

zNano’s Premium Bioinspired Nano Ceramic specialty 50 nm polymeric Ultrafiltration (UF) Membranes have ceramic like properties. This enables them to treat some of the most difficult-to-treat wastewaters where oil and grease exceed 50 ppm. zNano’s bioinspired membranes offer: higher permeability, maintained rejection, high operating temperature (up to 176F) and pH ranges (pH2-12).

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Bioinspired Nano Ceramic Membrane Coatings as a Service

For membrane manufacturers and large OEMs, zNano provides hydrophilic anti fouling bioinspired nano ceramic coatings as a service.

Anti fouling can enable functionality when treating high concentration organic feed streams.

For ultrafiltration membranes, permeability can increase as much as 100%.

For thin film composite nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes, coatings can be optimized to slightly increase flux (+30%) or slightly increase rejection (+0.1%).


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We take the nastiest, most difficult-to-treat waters, such as produced water, and restore it to environmental standards which allow for reintroduction back into the environment or easily polished for other uses.

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Our membranes are currently being used to treat produced water with high concentrations of oil for overboarding. Testing has confirmed they can be used to treat wastewater from textiles and landfill leachate.

zNano has proven, and our customers agree, that through our bioinspired innovative science and technology, zNano’s zUF50 Membrane is more efficient treating water with high concentrations of oil.

zNano works with OEMs to help them sell more membranes to more people.

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“biomimetic filters mimic the structure of naturally filtering cellular water membranes”

Principal Researcher, Nanobiology Department,
Sandia National Laboratories

“zNano is comprised of a world class team of scientists and engineers who are a critical asset to any project including advanced water treat technologies, my specific association with them.”

Michael Flynn, Principal Investigator (PI) in water recycling technology development,NASA Ames Research Center


Our zUF50 Membrane advantage is the ability to treat some of the most difficult-to-treat wastewater which is high in hydrocarbons and where both oil and gas, and total suspended solids, are at or greatly exceed 250 ppm.

Our bioinspired specialty zUF50 Ultrafiltration Membrane is a 50 nm spiral wound polymeric membrane element. zNano’s bioinspired coating technology provides superior fouling resistance, chemical and temperature tolerance in comparison to commodity, and specialty polymeric membranes.

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The zNano team is multidisciplinary, versatile, insanely curious, and they have a track record of delivering. We have developed a bioinspired polymeric membrane with all the properties of a ceramic membrane, at a lower cost to help organizations with their wastewater challenges.

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zNano is seeking commercial distribution partners and customers for our zUF50 Membrane and coated membranes in a variety of verticals.

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