“There are a handful of companies that claim to have developed an antifouling polymeric membrane technology for difficult to treat wastewaters. After evaluating and comparing with ceramic membranes, we have chosen to work with zNano because their product performs well and their team is supportive.”

– Industry Expert, identity available under NDA

Our Premium Bioinspired Nano Ceramic specialized 50 nanometer Ultrafiltration (UF) Membranes are able to treat some of the most difficult-to-treat wastewaters where oil and grease exceed 100 ppm. zNano’s bioinspired membranes offer: higher permeability, maintained rejection, high operating temperature (up to 176 F) and pH ranges (pH 2 – 12). Comparison flux data of zUF50 membranes versus PAN specialty and PS commodity for a variety of wastewaters is shown in graphs below.

zUF50 membranes outperform other membranes due to our coatings and as evidenced by the wetting data below.

Wetting Data

zUF50 membranes are commercially tested, proven, and are in use for oil and gas produced wastewater treatment, laundry and agricultural wastewater treatment. See our case studies. See Market Applications for more potential applications for the zUF50 membranes.

ClientIndustrial Wastewater Treatment OEM
Pilot Date2019/01 to 2019/07
Feed Water IntakeIndustrial Wastewater
ApplicationNon-potable Reuse
Pilot ConfigurationSingle Pass 4″ Element
Pilot Capacity1,440 gallons per day
Feed Temperature Range105 F to 112F
zNano Membrane ModelzNano Element
Average Pilot Flux35 GFD
O&G Feed ppm / Perm ppm281 ppm / 10.7 ppm

Economic UF Element Specifications 140 F

High Temperature UF Specifications 176 F

Element Materials of