The zNano team is qualified in producing self-assembling, covalent nano-quantities of scalable ceramic coatings. This easy-to-adopt platform improves performance on multiple membrane types. Our high caliber team of scientists and engineers work with partners to tackle difficult separation challenges by improving the performance of their membranes through our customized coating.

Membranes may be customized for a specific application by varying the:

  1. surface charge
  2. hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity of the surface
  3. mechanical strength
  4. chemical strength
  5. chemical resistance
  6. mechanical durability

The team has also successfully created textile membrane coating products for wastewater treatment in India. zNano’s other innovative products in development using zNano’s bioinspired ceramic membrane platform include a brine diafiltration nanofiltration and a landfill leachate membrane.

This process takes approximately 90  to 120 days, depending on the complexity of the application and the customers’ requirements. zNano’s coating can provide value to reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, and microfiltration membranes.