zNano is seeking:

  • Strategic OEM Partners and other intermediaries to the specialized users

  • Strategic Partners who are interested in working jointly with zNano to utilize our technology and expertise to improve/customize their own membranes for specific applications

The zNano go-to-marketing strategy is centered around Strategic Distribution Partnerships (SDPs), commonly known as a two-tier marketing strategy. zNano provides a more efficient and more durable membrane to our Partners servicing the specialty membrane market, providing them a competitive advantage and/or another source of revenue.

Applications for zNano zUF50 Membranes

Oil & Gas-produced wastewater

Laundry and agricultural laundry wastewater

Biogas generation wastewater

Dairy wastewater

Paper and pulp wastewater

Food and Beverage wastewater

Recycled water and grey wastewater

Pharmaceutical wastewater

Bilge and ballast wastewater

Mining wastewater

Cooling tower wastewater

Recovery of high value-add substances

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