What makes zNano different?

zNano is extremely disruptive and innovative, with a resilient specialty membrane (zUF 50) that offers high value in comparison to other membranes.

Our process is scalable, customizable, and replicable for customers’ needs. This means…

  • Low cost of production

  • Easily increase rate of production

  • Easily produce multiple products

  • Quick inventory turn-over

  • Strong intellectual property

As lead investor on behalf of zNano, DGI is seeking additional funding for zNano to support:

  • Additional Customer Support

  • Expansion of Customer Acquisition

  • Expansion of Commercial Distribution

  • Development of Field Data for Expanded Sales

  • New Product Development

  • Expansion of Production Facilities

Peter Simon

DGI Managing Partner

Peter Simon, Managing Partner of the investment group for zNano, has extensive management experience in a variety of businesses. From owning and running a small business, managing the IT department for a major hotel group including new initiatives, as Senior Vice President of Business Development for a major hotel/casino company, developing a world-class ecommerce website for Las Vegas, owning and organizing the management structure for a chain of Taverns, managing a LEEDS certified quarry, and investing in and advising a software start-up, his business knowledge is comprehensive. For zNano, Mr. Simon has assisted Dr. Brozell get to a commercialized product.

zNano has commercialized its flagship bioinspired zUF50 Membrane product. It is continuing UF and NF development for a variety of applications to disrupt the use of commodity membranes in the specialized membrane market.