Admiral Maltings is a compelling conscious startup focused on craft malt for beer. They are based in Alameda, California.

As they say, “Malt is the story of beer. Is the heart and soul of a good pint. We, the local brewers and distillers who use Admiral malt, can tell a deeper story of regional beer character, terroir, the organic or no-till farmer who grows our barley, the traditional art of floor malting and freshly kilned malt. We contract family farms in the Sacramento Valley and in Tule Lake, California, to grow no-till or organic barley for our floor-malt… Our malt not only helps brewers make great beer, but it also enables them to operate more sustainably and to deepen their connection with local agriculture.”

Unfortunately, Admiral Maltings had a problem: the malt process is water intensive. Previous studies indicated that the reuse of water would cripple the malt’s flavor.

After considering several options costing more than $1 million USD, they contacted zNano to provide a more economical direct filtration advanced water recycling system to restore the water used in their malt process.

Before work began, zNano proved that restoring water to near its original condition allows the water be reused in the next batch of malt without effecting the malt’s flavor.

Direct membrane filtration eliminates the need for a bioreactor, flocculation, and/or coagulation system — saving capital and operating costs. After six months of development, the plant was commissioned in March 2018.

The plant is restoring over 75% of the wastewater that it treats and enabling Admiral Maltings to meet their sustainability goals.