zNano Membranes Announces New Global Patents in Water Treatment

San Jose, CA—April 20, 2021–zNano Membranes, a Silicon Valley technology company producing premium bioinspired nanoceramic specialty membranes has received the issuance of three patents in Canada, Japan and the United States.

In the US and Canada, the patents issued cover zNano’s specialized coating, and in Japan, the patent also covers the zNano Water Treatment Systems and membranes.

zNano does not cast membranes. Instead, its novel coating can be applied to any commercially available flat sheet or polymeric membrane.  zNano partners with OEM’s looking to take advantage of increased durability, hydrophilicity, high porosity, and molecule selectivity.

The patents were issued between March 2020 and January 2021.  While underlying coating compositions are well known in literature and academia, zNano’s coating composition has nuances which save steps and costs, creating a novel product that commercializes a technique once thought to be to cost prohibitive to scale.  The coating patents disclose the chemical composition and process of the patent, which allows zNano to scale and commercialize the coating.

The flagship zNano zUF50 Membrane can treat some of the most difficult-to-treat wastewater high in hydrocarbons with both oil and grease, and total suspended solids at or greatly exceeding 100 ppm.  The zUF50 membranes produces higher permeability, less fouling, fewer cleaning cycles and reduces chemicals for multiple applications. zNano is currently piloting coated NF membranes for a variety of uses.

Potential market applications for the specialty zUF50 Membranes and customized coatings include biogas generation, dairy wastewater, paper and pulp wastewater, food and beverage wastewater, grey and recycled water, pharmaceutical wastewater, bilge and ballast wastewater, mining, recovery of high value-add substances and cooling tower wastewater.

For a list of all patents, products, and services, visit www.znanomembranes.com.

About zNano Membranes

zNano Membranes is technology-focused company whose mission is to enable water resilience and restoration through cost effective bioinspired material science to improve all types of water treatment membranes. zNano applies our patented coating technology to off-the-shelf commodity water purification membranes (ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis) to enhance its properties. zNano works with multiple strategic partners including NASA, major and specialty membrane manufactures and various OEM’s.  www.znanomembranes.com.

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