zNano occupies a 7,500-square foot production facility in San Jose, California.

 zNano’s lab and membrane development technologies, designed and built by Dr. Adrian Brozell, include:

  • A multi-channel programmable automated coupon flat sheet tester.

  • A multi-channel 4” element tester.

  • A multi-channel 8” element tester.

  • The only piece of test equipment purchased by zNano, a reference flat sheet tester which is a Sepa CF Med/High Foulant Cell, 316 SS from Sterlitech.

There is also a dedicated Oil & Gas water testing lab with architectural and three-dimensional modeling expertise.

Analytical capabilities which zNano has access to include: chemical analyses such as FTIR, UV – Vis. contact angle measurements as well as water quality testing like BOD, COD, and all standard EPS analytical tests.

zNano’s membrane production equipment and expertise includes: cut and weld, metals and plastic fabrication, CNC machining, laser cutting as well as forming and finishing.