NASA's International Space Station (ISS) has amazing technology. The water recycling systems (WRS) on board treats water from urine, oral hygiene, hand washing and fuel cells for drinking (and all other uses) by astronauts. "The water that we generate is much cleaner than anything you'll ever get out of any tap in the United States," says [...]

Concord Enviro


Concord Enviro is dedicated to pure water — from any source — making existing process more efficient and sustainable. They have more than two decades of experience in filtering the world's most "difficult-to-handle waste water streams." These process include "distilleries, textiles, tanning, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and more." The result? 80 million gallons per day of water [...]

Admiral Maltings


Admiral Maltings is a compelling conscious startup focused on craft malt for beer. They are based in Alameda, California. As they say, “Malt is the story of beer. Is the heart and soul of a good pint. We, the local brewers and distillers who use Admiral malt, can tell a deeper story of regional beer [...]

Dutch Girl Cleaners


Dutch Girl Cleaners is a premier dry cleaner and launderer in Walnut Creek, California. Wearing clean and pressed clothes is a simple pleasure in life — affecting how others perceive us at home, the office and in public. In 2014, as California's record drought increased, water restrictions became a reality and Dutch Girl Cleaners had a [...]

Industrial Waste Water


Client Industrial Wastewater Treatment OEM Pilot Date 2019/01 to 2019/07 Feed Water Intake Industrial Wastewater Application Non-potable Reuse Pilot Configuration Single Pass 4" Element Recovery 90% Pilot Capacity 1,440 gallons per day Feed Temperature Range 105 F-112F zNano Membrane Model zNano 50 nm A0001 High Temperature Element Average Pilot Flux 35 GFD O&G Feed [...]

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